New Generation Christian School started because of Dr. Gorman’s belief that all students could learn if met at their current level of functioning and were given solid instruction in a manner that Cognitive Psychology indicated was correct. Dr. Gorman understood this concept first hand as she had a son that was dyslexic and Aspergers Syndrome that both the public school and private school said they would help but with little results.  It was while educating her son at home that Dr. Gorman realized that other students were also falling through the cracks and needed something different than what was currently being offered.  As a result, Dr. Gorman became dedicated to learning more about education and went on to get both a Master Degree in Special Education and a PH.D in Educational Psychology.


In 2004, Dr. Gorman left her traditional job as the Principal of the Florida Sheriffs Boys Ranch and stepped out on faith to do what she believed God had called her to do; to open a Christian school based on solid educational practices that encourage students to achieve and convince them that school was not a place of hardship but a place of learning and fun.

New Generation School started with 12 students in a borrowed room at a local church, Christian Heritage Church.  Each year thereafter, the school grew by a minimum of twelve students.

In January of 2006, New Generation moved from the one classroom at the church to occupy its own building of 2000 square feet and four classrooms.  That same year, we hired our first additional staff member, Sari Holcombe.  Sari continues to teach at the school.

In July of 2009, New Generation again needed to move to accommodate the growth of the school and moved to its current location.  By this time, another three staff members had been hired and enrollment increased to 56 students.

In 2010, after several requests from parents, with children in the middle and high school program, to implement similar type programming for younger students, New Generation added elementary classes.  Utilizing the established program of research-based methods, assessments, and mastery of learning of prerequisite skills , the elementary program met with the same success and parents loved the education that their children were receiving.

June 26th of 2012 New Generation flooded causing a move to it permenant location on 25 acreas of land and using portables for classrooms.  While this was a difficult time it was also a time of tremendous growth.  New Generation increased its enrollment in this time period by 100% and currently has 200 students, and 23 staff.  New Generation’s reputation has become so well founded that parents are traveling from High Springs, Live Oak and O’Brien so that their children can come and benefit from the educational environment offered at New Generation Christian School.