Though New Generation is a private school, we accept students regardless of the family’s ability to pay for services. We have been told this is bad business. However, the school is not a business but a ministry, and we are not in this for the money. There are several scholarships available for students. For those unable to pay and not eligible for a scholarship, we charge on a sliding scale basis, according to income.

Because we offer discounted services to low income families, we are always in need of support from the community. Please consider giving to the school to help insure that we can continue to provide vital educational services to all who need them. As a 501C3 tax exempt organization, all donations are tax deductible.



Why Support New Generation Christian School?

New  Generation  Christian  School  maintains  a  98%  graduation  rate  with a standard high school diploma. The State of Florida reports a graduation rate with a standard high school diploma of 69%. (Tampa Bay Times – Dec 12, 2011) 

  • A Standard High School Diploma requires a student complete all required course work andpass a comprehensive achievement test in order to graduate. However, many public schools include in their graduation rates students who receive a Certificate of Completion (i.e., did not pass the required achievement test, but attended all twelve years), and those who obtained a GED. Columbia County’s reported 86% graduation rate includes Certificate of Completion and GED students.

New Generation Christian School is one of very fewprivate schools statewide that requires all its graduating seniors to pass a nationally normed achievement test, thus assuring our diploma is accepted at any university and by the Armed Forces.


A  Benefit  to  the  Community

New  Generation  graduates  29%  more  students  with  standard  H. S. Diploma  than  public  schools. The above comparison of graduation rates indicates that New Generation graduates 29% more students with a standard high school diploma than does the Florida Public School System. This indicates that 11 of our 38 graduates to date should have, based on those statistics, dropped out of school or failed to receive a standard high school diploma.

New  Generation  saves  the  community  $3,000,000.  According to the Educational Services of America’s report, the average high school dropout will cost taxpayers more than $292,000 per dropout. Based on this report, New Generation has saved the community over 3 million dollars by remediating and graduating those 11 students. And this estimate is conservative in that many of our students come from families of lower socio-economic status or have had academic difficulty prior to entering New Generation, both of which are key indicators of higher drop-out rates. Therefore, we believe we have probably had a much greater positive impact on the community than these statistics indicate.


A  Benefit  to  the  Kingdom  of  God

New  Generation  accepts  students  from  all  backgrounds. Some students have had little to no Christian exposure and some have even claimed atheism when admitted. We have a unique opportunity to witness to and disciple students that other Christian schools may not accept or enroll.

 Our  students  receive  daily  prayer  and  instruction in Biblical wisdom, morals and values – usually based on Proverbs. Students receive further instruction from local pastors of various denominations in Chapel service every Wednesday. 

New  Generation  Youth  Church meets the last Friday of every month and offers Praise, Worship, teaching of the Word and Christian Fellowship following the service. 

All  curriculum  is taught  from  a  Biblical  World  View.

New  Generation’s  staff  disciple  and  mentor  students in Christian living five days a weeks, six hours or more a day – an opportunity many churches wish they had.  As a result New Generation sees many professions of  faith during the course of every school year. 

New  Generation:  Saving   souls  and  advancing   the   Kingdom   of   God. Where “No Child Left Behind” is Truly more than a slogan.