2PJ1486412518130_00228By Faith Bell (New Gen student) as featured in New Gen’s “Just Us” school newsletter

New Generation’s beloved Coach Ana always encourages us to “Make good choices!” So what is the actual story behind this intriguing catch phrase? Though it may have begun by being a joke among her and her friends, Coach Ana argues that everything can be boiled down to the decisions that we make.

Coach Ana was born in Pordenone, Italy in 1988, for her mother was in the Air Force. A few years later, they found themselves in Lake City, Florida. Coach Ana has two siblings: William and Micheala. Her dream was to become an FBI agent and work counter terrorism. The attack of “9/11 solidified my decision”. She has an Associate’s and Bachelor’s Degree. She has a husband named Jed and a son named Connor.

Coach Ana has many role models. She tends to learn things from anyone she is close to including her family and friends. Her ultimate sports role model is Mia Hamm. She was a forward for the U.S.A. woman’s national soccer team. Coach Ana’s epitome life goal is to be the woman that God wants her to be.

Today she is a P.E. Coach and Criminal Justice instructor here at New Gen.