2PJ1486412518130_00131My name is Lisette Rivera and I am one of two Middle School English teacher.  I am a native New Yorker and I recently relocated to O’Brien area of North Florida.  I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism from Mercy College in Dobbs Ferry, NY.

I grew up in a very impoverished neighborhood in Bronx, New York.  I was always thirsty for an education.  My parents’ motto for education was, “You can be from the ghetto but not of the ghetto.”  This motto became very true in my life as I am the first female in my family to receive a college education and my environment did not dictate my future.

My goal in being a teacher is to share those words of wisdom with this generation of students.  At New Generation, I am afforded the opportunity to reach out and teach the students using an individualized educational plan meeting students at their levels.  The loving and safe environment at New Generation provides an excellent opportunity to teach.  I am so blessed and honored to be part of this amazing team.