My name is Bobbie Kelly. I teach high school English.  I was born in Chicago, IL and grew up in Lake City, FL.  I am a single mother of two very wonderful daughters. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Education with Social Science and  a Masters in Education with Family and Community Services.  I  plan to expand my education further with a Doctorate in Education.

I started out working in education ten years ago and have had the opportunity to explore a variety of  age groups and aspects of teaching.  Teaching became a passion for me at a young age with the help of a very special teacher who saw my potential.   I feel that each student is unique and needs to be taught in a way that they can be successful.  

Coming to New Generation has been a blessing.  I really love our atmosphere and dedication to ensuring each child is able to graduate.  I also love having the ability to develop a more personal and deeper connection with each of my students, getting to know them outside of the learning field.  This connection makes the learning process smoother.  It also gives the teachers a better understanding of the student and vise versa.