Elementary program works with students K through 6th grade under the headship of Mrs. Lori Perry. Mrs. Perry has been with New Generation for 6 years and has 20+ years experience in education both public, private and montessori. New Generation realizes that some 6th graders are not ready socially or emotionally for a middle school environment, therefore 6th grade is offered both in the middle and high school setting as well as in the elementary program. Students in all of the elementary programs are offered a rich academic program that is standards based and is designed to meet the child at their level and take them to the next. As such, some students entering into kindergarten may be placed in the first grade curriculum as they are ready for it. Additionally, some students that may not be ready for the next higher grade may end up in the lower grade grouping to reiterate the skills so that the children can reach mastery or deep knowledge of the content. No student is retained as every individual develops at their own pace. Retention is the biggest contributing factor of high school drop rates. New Generation feels it is our responsibility to meet the child at their level and take them to the next level be that advanced placement and or remediation.