Middle/High School

Middle and high school is 6th through 12th grade. Mrs. Sari Holcombe is over this program and was the second employee of New Generation way back in 2005. Mrs. Holcombe has a rich foundation in the methods used at New Generation and understands its philosophical underpinnings. 6th through 12th grade students are evaluated and placed in the math and language arts curriculum based upon that evaluation. Math, reading and language arts are skills based and you need to know the earlier skills to accomplish the later. As such, similar to our elementary programming, students are working at the level that they can easily demonstrate mastery or deep knowledge and take it to the next level in a systematic incremental manner. Due to this approach we have students that participate in dual enrollment and make several academic years growth in a single year. Science and Social Studies are more traditional in their approach as this is content not skill driven but both of these subject matters are taught from a Christian perspective. New Generation middle/high school also has a full day each week designated to life skills and Christian teaching. During this day the students are taught bible, attend chapel and learn basic life skills such as: filling out an application, balancing a checkbook, conflict resolution and or stress reduction skills. While New Generation is a Christian school and does teach the Bible. We do not discriminate against those that are not Christian, we do ask that they, however, participate in chapel and Bible study in a respectful manner.