NeuroDiverse is a subsection of New Generation that is dedicated to those students that have different neurological needs that may not be ready for a classroom size of 15 which is New Generations typical classroom. NeuroDiverse classroom sizes range from a very small group of 1 to 4 students, to a mid range group size of 8 students. While a child is at NeuroDiverse they are being taught both educational, emotional regulation and social skills so that they can eventually be mainstreamed into the traditional New Generation classrooms. NeuroDiverse classrooms have sensory stimulation sections for students that just need a time to decompress and have been retrofitted to eliminate many of the traditional classroom triggers of the NeuroDiverse population. Bobby Kelly is the administrator of the NeuroDiverse program. She has a masters degree in special education and has worked extensively with the NeuroDiverse/Autistic population. Additionally, support is offered to parents by our Case Manager Kelly Nail for linkage to other services and in home support.