As many of you are aware New Generation has launched a building campaign. As a part of this campaign New Generation is doing a raffle and has been advertising it through Facebook.

Two weeks ago, one of our 16 year old students was perusing Facebook and stumbled across Mr. Rick’s posting for the raffle tickets. What happened next is nothing short of the goodness of God, as God impressed upon this young lady to donate $10,000 dollars! She had recently inherited a large sum of cash because of her father’s passing. Being a Christian and knowing the concept of both tithing as well as reaping and sowing, she felt led to give a portion of her funds to the school. She said “I read the FB post and it was like God was all over me saying to give the school 10,000 dollars.” She of course consulted her mother, who was in total agreement and very impressed with her daughter’s obedience to God’s leading. Here the story only gets better, as her brother, who had previously graduated from New Generation, decided to match the donation bringing the total donation to $20,000 dollars!

We at New Generation stand humble and amazed at the faithfulness of God and those who follow God’s leading. The Bible says in Mathew 18:4 “Whomever humbles himself like this child is the greatest in heaven.” I feel personally challenged by this student to be as obedient to God’s calling to follow His lead.