Scholarship information

Beginning the year 2023/2024 Step up For Students, will be your one stop shop for scholarships.

They have income based scholarships, scholarships for children with disabilities and or IEPs, scholarships for students that have been bullied. You would be surprised who qualifies for the scholarships. If your income is less than 100,000 a year you probably qualify. If your child has a diagnosis of ADD, tourettes, autism, and or needs speech and language and many more they will qualify. If you have reported bullying to the school and no real change has occurred they qualify for a scholarship. Additionally, New Generation Christian has a dedicated staff member to assist you in completing the necessary paperwork and helping you get the scholarship. So give us a call and let us help you get your child the help he/she needs.


National resources that provide support and information for parents and individuals with

National Center for Learning Disabilities: NCLD

Learning Disabilities and Disorders –

Learning Disabilities and Disorders

Autism Society

This is a link to an adult that has autism and she shares her personal experience including
helpful tips and tricks on how to deal with autism.

Ask an Autistic Episodes – YouTube › playlist

Ethics and Education Act

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