Hello, my name is Jessica Talbott, better know at New Generation Christian School, as “Mrs. T.,” and I am very excited to serve as the Principal of New Generation Christian School.

In 2010, I left the corporate world behind in Philadelphia because I truly wanted to make a difference in the lives of children and those in my community.  From the University of St. Thomas, I have earned a Bachelors of Arts Degree with a concentration in English and a minor in Psychology and Womens’ Studies.  My own college experience reinforced to me that it is paramount to instill in students a strong moral foundation based in Christian principles, which I carried into my own classroom.  Since joining the New Gen Family, I have had the privilege of teaching 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th grade, as well as serving as the Department Head of Middle School for two years, and currently serving as Principal.

I strongly believe the pairing of Christian principles, along with a thorough education, is essential to producing a well-rounded member of society.  At New Generation, we discuss not only what is in our textbooks, but also what it means to be a genuine Christian and how we may apply Jesus’ teachings to our classmates and the world around us.

New Gen’s most successful students are those whose parent(s) are completely involved in and supportive of their child’s education.  Therefore, I believe the more communication between teacher and parent(s), the greater the student will grow and learn.

I must tell you that I highly recommend New Generation, not only because every day I see first-hand students experiencing miraculous spiritual and educational outcomes, but also because I am the eldest sister of a ‘New Gen’ student, who has blossomed educationally, spiritually, and by making lasting friendships since starting her own ‘New Gen’ experience four years ago.

You and your child will fall in love with New Generation Christian School because we believe that teaching is not simply a career choice, but a Christian calling to serve all who desire to learn.  From those who require small class-sizes and lots of one-on-one assistance, to those who are gifted, advanced learners, New Generation ensures your child is being met at his level by providing your child a customized education.

Come and visit New Generation Christian School… You and your child will be happy you did.