2PJ1486412518130_00127My name is Linda Thompson, and I teach Math to Middle School students (6th-8th grades). I was born and raised in Live Oak, Florida. I have a bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education from Saint Leo University.  I have one son, Jackson Thompson, who keeps me very busy.

I believe that every student can succeed. All children can learn though not at the same time or in the same way. I feel that learning should be interesting and fun. I include hands on activities and playing games that will enhance the skills taught. I create an atmosphere where the student feels that their thoughts and opinions are valued. I believe that every student should be treated as an individual and that every individual deserves excellence in education.

I enjoy working at New Generations for many reasons. I enjoy the smaller class sizes. With smaller class sizes, students receive more individualized attention. The students are able to have a more personal connection with the teacher and other students. I also enjoy being able to read Bible stories, take prayer requests, and allow students to pray during the school day. We also say the blessing every day before lunch. The staff at this school are great. I love being part of the New Generation family!