2PJ1486412518130_00205Dr. Paula Gorman started the school in 2004 with a call from God, a belief in what made appropriate education. In the beginning it was only her and 12 students today there are many more teachers and students.

Dr. Gorman has a bachelors degree in psychology, a master in Special Education and a Ph.D in Educational Psychology. Prior to entering into the educational realm, Dr. Gorman worked in Mental Health providing services to children and families. During this time she provided counseling to children and teens and or was an in home support worker for families that were suffering financial hardships and or struggling with parenting skills.

During her tenure in education she has taught at the alternative school, 3rd grade ESE, ESE middle school and ran two educational programs PACE Center for Girls and Florida Sheriffs Boys Ranch. Her last secular position was the Boys Ranch where she was the principal. During all of her prior employment Dr. Gorman was noted by her supervisors to have excellent relationships with her students with very few disciplinary issues. Even while working at her first teaching position, the alternative school, the principal asked Dr. Gorman how she could work with the most trying students and yet have the lowest discipline referrals. Dr. Gorman responded: it is easy when you treat your students with respect, believe the best in them, and handle your own problems in class, the student naturally respond well. It is this type philosophy that has produced unprecedented results in her class.

Currently, Dr. Gorman works as both the administrator and math teacher. Dr. Gorman loves math and loves convincing students that while math may not be their favorite subject they can do it. She loves it when a student who struggles with a particular concept gets it and or decides that math is no longer evil but that they like it.