2PJ1486412518130_00004My name is Sandra Hartman. I was born and raised in Lake City, Florida, and have been happily married for 40 years to my husband, Dan. We have a wonderful son and daughter-in-law Matthew and Savanna Hartman. My husband and I worked in children’s ministry for 16 years and gained a vast array of experience in working with children to help them
recognize God’s purpose and desire for their lives.

Most of my 11 year experience in the classroom setting has been in teaching second and third grade. I have also taught kindergarten and first grade as well.

My goals each year for my classroom and students are to see them succeed and experience great joy in the learning process. All children can reach their potential if someone will reach out and believe in them. This is my vision for all the students that pass through my classroom. I teach with positive enforcement only, and use games and hands on
tools in this learning process.

In my classroom, we enjoy a peaceful, calm atmosphere, which I believe is conducive to the learning experience. We practice and learn classroom procedure to ensure that each child is treated with the greatest respect and given the best advantage possible to succeed.

I count it a privilege to work at New Generation Christian School, because I believe in it’s Mission Statement and have daily opportunities to put these principles into practice. Many success stories have occurred in our elementary classes each year. This is what makes being a teacher so rewarding.