Thank you for your interest in New Generation School.  We are excited about the opportunities that God is opening up to serve the students of Columbia County and the surrounding areas.  We truly believe that the youth we serve are valuable members of society, can and will succeed if placed in a nurturing environment that expects them to succeed.

Below you will find a link to the application for admission as well as the Release of Information form.  Please fill out and sign the application and Release of Information form as completely as possible and return it with the $75.00 application fee to New Generation.  The application fee covers the costs involved in reviewing the information as well as conducting the interview.  Once we have received the application and release from you, we will gather the necessary records from your previous school and call you to schedule an appointment for an interview.

New Generation is a small school designed to meet the needs of a specific population.  The educational records, as well as the personal interview, are required to ensure that New Generation can adequately meet the student’s needs.  Submitting the application does not guarantee admission but does guarantee consideration.  Final selection will be based upon many factors including a review of records, the personal interview and the student’s desire to participate in the program.

The tuition for attending New Generation School is $7,000.00 per year.  This can be paid in either 10- or 12-month installment plans.  In addition, we accept McKay Scholarships, Step Up for Students Scholarships, and Personal Learning Scholarships, as well as offering donated scholarships for those students who are unable to afford the tuition cost.  Donated scholarships are determined using a sliding scale fee and where possible, families are expected to pay a portion of the tuition costs.  Proof of income and need will be required to determine eligibility for the donated scholarship.  All interested parties should apply regardless of ability to pay.  New Generation is a ministry and desires to serve all those in need regardless of financial status.


Please click on the link below to open the two forms.  Print the forms out, then fill out the information and send both into the address listed.