Paige moved from West Palm Beach Florida to attend New Generation School. She had been attending a private school down there, had heard about New Generation School from graduates and her and her mother wanted to find out more. Paige had high hopes of becoming a veterinarian one day but was dyslexic so she struggled academically. Paige had tried several private schools in the West Palm area without success. She had a sister that lived in Gainesville so they decided to give New Generation a chance. Upon entrance into New Generation at 9th grade, Paige was tested and found to be behind academically. Paige was a diligent student and the staff at New Generation worked with Paige trying different interventions and re-mediating her skills in her core subject areas. After 4 years of attendance, Paige was functioning at grade level and graduated New Generation Christian School with a standard high school diploma. She now attends Palm Beach State College where she is beginning her college work to become a Veterinarian.