Thomas was attending another private school and was in his senior year but was frustrated as felt he was not being educated to the level that he needed to be. He came to New Generation seeking admission but the director expressed a concern that since New Generation had a testing requirement for graduation and his old school did not, he might not be able to graduate on time. It was recommended that testing be done prior to admission so that Thomas could make an informed choice. Indeed, when he testing was done Thomas was within a year or two of meeting graduation requirements in math and reading but in language arts was 4 years behind. The director, at this, time advised Thomas that if he came to New Generation School he would probably pass the math and reading as they average 2 to 3 years gains each year, but in language arts since he was so far behind he might not come up to a level to meet graduation requirements; if he stayed where he was he would graduate. Thomas stated he did not want to stay where he was as, he said, he wanted to go to college and staying an extra year, getting the proper knowledge was better than getting a diploma and then struggling in college and or failing. Thomas did come to New Generation his senior year and he did graduate that year. He, with the help of his teacher, gained a total of 7 years in language arts. Today Thomas is studying at Gateway College for a career in medicine.