Ashley did so well that by 11th grade she was dual enrolled at the community college. Upon graduation Ashley had completed all but one semester towards her associates degree and plans on continuing her education so that she can become a child psychologist and help other children in need.




Paige was a diligent student and the staff at New Generation worked with Paige trying different interventions and re-mediating her skills in her core subject areas. After 4 years of attendance, Paige was functioning at grade level and graduated New Generation Christian School with a standard high school diploma.




Thomas stated he did not want to stay where he was as, he said, he wanted to go to college and staying an extra year, getting the proper knowledge was better than getting a diploma and then struggling in college and or failing. Thomas did come to New Generation his senior year and he did graduate that year. He, with the help of his teacher, gained a total of 7 years in language arts. Today Thomas is studying at Gateway College for a career in medicine.


Sandra and Rochelle


Once the girls started New Generation it was like a new world opened up to them. They began to flourish. Rochelle came out of her shell and started talking more. She developed good friendships and close relationships to the staff. Sandra began to see that she could learn and tried diligently in her studies. As a result, both girls who had been retained earlier in school where able to start functioning at grade level and were promoted to their right grade level. Both girls now plan on attending college and pursuing careers.


Here is a 10 minute video of what student and parents say about how the school has changed their lives.